Thursday, September 22, 2011

Electric Bike and Ebike in a Box

Shadow Ebike

I just came accross a couple of new interesting items. The first one is a Canadian-made electic assisted bike. The interesting part of it is that... well, there are a few interesting things about it. One is that the motor is enclosed in the front wheel, the second is that the motor runs on a 24 volt battery, which can be recharged from home as well as when you ride the bike. It also can charge all your USB powered devices.  Interesting is also the fact that it is a wireless bike.


The Shadow Ebike is made by canadian Daymak, however it looks like it is sold out.
 The company is taking your information to let you know when they will have an inventory.

As I was looking for more information on the Shadow Ebike, I also ran into another one of their products; the Ebike in a box. take a look by clickin on the link or on the picture.

You can also download their brochure from this link. I guess they also come with different prices depending on the kind of battery they come with. Prices range from $500 to $900+.


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