Friday, February 17, 2012

The Rhoades and Other Pedal Cars

Given that this has become my most popular post, I have decided to augment it with a few photos of potential chassi constructions for the pedal cars you see below.  this first one is a recumbent or so called by its manufacturer. This is a home made vehicle. Quite nice for the fact that is is all PVC tubing. I suppose that makes it very light. I personally like the second one better. This second pedal car is made by Mourad Feki. I did say before that he was based in france, but I was wrong. Mr. Feki is in Tunisia. I will even give you his web address. You might want to get more information from him:

The third specimen that we have here is a Rhodes pedal car for industrial applications. I like this one in particular because it seems very robust and light.  One more advantage of getting the Rhodes is that its construction is backed by a recognized company that makes several models and very likely by a warranty. I like warranties, even when I don't like to pay for them :))

Ok this has, for a long time, been one of my most coveted dreams. How can I go to work with the same comfort of my car, 0 emissions, using the bike trail, protected from the rain, while I exercise, etc? My research took me to the pedal car.  I decided to add some other images of pedal cars that I have acquired throughout the years. Here we have a type of pedal car made in Tunisia.
I would like to see this concept widely spread and the more information we have about it the closer we'll get to creating the ultimate pedal car for adults.  The black and the red pedal car with the child are made by Mr. Mourad Feki and I will even give you his address in case you want to contact him: ph# 2-162-268-1706,
Pimped out Rhodes Car
There are several kinds of pedal cars. Some of them don't have a roof, some are too heavy, some are slow, etc. In any case, I found one that might just suit my needs. On a Rhoades car, the Bicycle Forest built this pimped out Rhoades pickup truck. I frankly would prefer the Volkswagen since it is not as wide and it looks more professionally built.
Morgan SuperSport Junior
The problem is that this red one is child-size.  Well, I leave you here with a compilation of pedal cars that you might have seen before. If you want to e-mail me your ideas on how we can make the perfect adult-size pedal car, I might be willing to subsidize it. 
Here we have the Morgan VW bus pedal cars. I can see it perfectly doable for adults to ride a large size model. What do you think? 
WV Pedal Car

I also found an interesting picture in the Vanhat Velot blog. It is similar to the Morgan above. Of course I don't understand a word of what they say here and the 2008 volume is not for sale. I wanted to see more details of it. For now here you  have the picture of it.

Don't hesitate to send your comments.
Enjoy :)

Thanks to the and The Bicycle Forest.


  1. I'm working on an adult sized pedal car or Velocar--I'll let you know how it turns out:[URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]

  2. Thanks Sam. I visited your photos and it looks like you are almost done.
    Have you ever thought about using COROPLAST? Just curious about the difference in the weight.

    Good luck