Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bicycles belong on the Streets

This post is a tribute to:
      • the graffiti
      • the bicycle and its rider
        • the street artist
Bicycles belong out there on the streets and so do graffiti (Italian plural of graffito).  Only those that are willing to really be part of the culture and life of a city such as the bicyclist and the graffiti artist deserve to be recognized.
The city belongs to them.  The rest are only borrowers...shy expectators.  If you want to really be a part and contribute to the life and fabric of a place, then step on its streets, walk its paths, bike its trails, watch its art, smell its aromas, buy locally.

How can you call yourself a Bostonian if you don't know what Boston smells like? You should know what the manhole covers look like in your city; after all, you are paying for them. Taste your place, be part of it, leave a mark, feel its beat; every place has one.  I'll leave you with this collection of street art:  Hopefully your town has some interesting graffiti art like these:

Source: Adidas ad -

Source: Alttransport

Source: Amy Martino (Bicycles)

Source (anonimous)



Source: Flickr user David Drexler (Bicycle Man)

Source: nicomachus (bicycle stencil)

Source: (Bikeshop in Denver)


By Caleb Loadbear sketch

Source: sergi10del77.blogspot Brasil

By Noah Hoose (Headless Horseman)

At: Joah's Raw Food (Bananawonder)

By Kosule Masuda

Source: Caroline Tucker -

Source: Street Art Utopia -  Stinkfish

Source: The Giant Blog



Source: treadlyandme.tumblr
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