Monday, February 6, 2012

Making use of Availble Technology

The Wee Ride's Kanga
Kanga by Wee Ride from Australia
Very appropriate for those of us that are expecting or that already have children. Why not just appropriate, but very appropriate? well because I used to think that the coming of children would stop me from doing all the things that I like and the main one would be  riding my bike. Well, as I am coming to find, there is a ton of devices out there for your child or perhaps for you to carry your child.

Tyke Toter

Safe T Seat on a Public Bicycle

These two devices called my attention for their simplicity, practicality and for being inexpensive. With only one bolt either in the front or back of the bike, Tadaaaaaaa!!!! you are in business... in the bike riding business with your child.

Go Go Babyz

Go Go Babyz
 This cool suitcase-like carrier amazed me at the Minneapolis Airport as the one cool mother pulled child and seat mounted on the Go Go Babyz carrier to then board the plane and stow it in the overhead compartment as if nothing. This is also an inexpensive device that will free you from having to carry those bulky wheels from place to place. - Enjoy :)

How fancy can this be? Look at how this mother can convert her Taga stroller into a Taga tricycle and back. or if you look at the even smaller seats above, all you have to do is attach them to the front or to the back of the bike and you won't have to buy another bike or any other fancy devices for your child to accompany you. For around $60 to $80 you will be completely set. 

I hope you find this research useful. Happy riding :)

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