Monday, September 19, 2011

Minneapolis Bikes on the Train

As we were coming back from Orlando, we had a few hours of lay over in Minneapolis and took the train to down town to not waist the whole five hours at the Airport. These are some pictures we took of the racks and the bikers taking the train with their respective vehicles. I cannot complain since here in Anchorage you could take the bus and mount your bike in the front, but the Minneapolis metro seems more friendly for some reason.

As opposed to the southern states, the north states such as Minnesota, Washington, Massachusetts, etc seem to have seen the importance and difference between traffic and transportation. The State of Alaska approved a $180 million bicycle plan for the city of Anchorage's bike infrastructure last year and we are already starting to see the improvement. All bike paths are being cleared of snow during the long winter months. One who wants to commute by bicycle could perfectly do it. In my case the extreme cold is what stops me from traveling five miles to work and back. I don't have the snow or/and ice excuse anymore.

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