Thursday, September 6, 2012

Head Over Heels

Could any of you give an answer to this comment below?
I am a female. A beautiful pair of heels makes me feel just as sexy as the next girl. But, unfortunately, I was born with the type of feet that end up in excruciating pain if I am standing or walking in them for anymore than 15 minutes. Alas, heels are reserved for work, any instances where I know that I’ll be able to sit for a bit, and special occasions that include my birthday, making an ex-boyfriend jealous, and a night at the club where I know I’ll be in VIP.
Hence the reason why I am mystified when I see New York women walking briskly down the sidewalk in their business suits and work outfits, strutting by me in their heels while I walk in my flats, heels tucked away in my purse until I get to work. I’ve always been bewildered at how they can look so comfortable after walking block after block, munching their morning bagel or typing away on their Blackberries. I mean, am I the only woman subject to aching feet and blisters?
Whatever the case may be, what is even more bewildering to me than New York women walking to work in their heels is…
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New York women BIKING to work in heels.
This phenomenon raises two bewildering questions for me. If anyone out there is one of these New York (or any city, for that matter) heel-wearing, bike-riding women, feel free to give me some insight to the following:
1) Why the dire need to don your heels while you bike? Why not put on some sneakers or at least cute flats and stash the heels in your bag?
2) Why are you biking to work in the first place? I mean…I get the whole added exercise bit, but…can that bike ride not wait until after work or the weekend? Or is this to save money on that monthly metro card pass…
3) This question might be due to a lack of personal coordination, but how on Earth do you even pedal without getting your heels stuck, missing the pedal all together, or losing a shoe?
No, really, inquiring minds would like to know…
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