Friday, April 13, 2012

What about Biking for Special Needs?

Well, I am glad you asked because we have done some research and found a bunch of devices that will allow persons with special needs to still enjoy a good ride.
Speedy 1
We are going to start with this Speedy 1 made in Germany. Very convenient and here is why: You can pedal or rather move the pedals with your hands, it is a unique contraption that puts together a tricycle and a wheelchair, but you can also separate them as you see here.  You can find more information at Speedy Bikes.  I forgot to mention that you can also find them with pedals for your feet...(sounds kind of weird). In any case, there are all kinds of combinations.
Next we have the Freedom Concept Discovery Series DCP-12 Tricycle by Rehab Mart bicycle. In this image you can see a child using it, but it could be done for adults also. The person can pedal him/herself and the system straps him/her to the trike in case there is a loss of balance.  There are so many other combinations of this device and sizes that I am sure you won't even have to order one exclusively for your needs. They are a bit expensive and I am talking about three thousand dollars and up, but I still think it is worth it.

Ok now we'll talk about another cool device that I find very much fun and useful for special needs persons, but also for children that are trying to learn to ride a bike. It is the Gyrowheel. The company is actually called the same. The way it works is by introducing a gyroscope inside the wheel. The rotation of the gyroscope or a wheel inside a wheel produces upward balance on the wheel, therefore it does so on the device attached to the wheel, which in this case would be the bicycle.  It does use batteries and it comes in 12" and 16" diameters.  I frankly don't think you should have to spend the money for one of these to train a child without developmental or mobility problems, but if you think about it, a person with a disadvantage would perfectly benefit from it.
  The BuddyBike on the other hand, uses no batteries. You have to ride it. Quite convenient because (according to me) of these reasons: You only have to get one bike, your child is close by and in within your reach. Your child gets to feel the direction of the handlebar and probably also feels in control. 
I do not work with people with special needs and if for any reason I am being politically incorrect, those of you that have more knowledge in this field should feel free to correct me.
OK having said that, I will introduce the Nihola. This company is probably very known to many of you, but this device in particular allows a wheelchair to ride on it or perhaps I should say, to ride with the wheelchair on it or whatever. Nihola seems to specialize in family biking and just because of that I like it. You know my motto - Less traffic, more transportation - 
All of these things are pretty cool, and as I said before, there are hundreds of devices for special needs bikers. That's why I decided to also include the Draising Plus. I have a hard time knowing what to call it - a bike? a tricycle? a wheelchair? Anyway, here it is.  This exclusive designed is brought to you by Draisin.  This Draising Plus is a wheelchair, bike, tricycle all at once. That's why I didn't know what to call it. You can separate the bike from the chair to push it alone. The special needs person does not have to pedal and that is a plus since quite often they cannot pedal or might not want to. 
Well, and to end this post I will leave you with something that I am sure you were not expecting, nevertheless it is still a device for a special need. You see, special needs does not only mean handicap.  If you need a customized device for a particular need then that is a special need.

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