Wednesday, March 28, 2012

If Only We...

If Only We... that's the title of my post because as you look at the video, everything makes so much sense, then you come back to the America and I mean the entire continent and reality hits you in the face. Conspicuous consumption gets in the way of freedom. Little did we know that our struggle for economic independence was coming with a big price tag - our health and our dependence on the motor for transportation. Has it happened to you that the rare occasion when your car is in the shop becomes a big logistic nightmare? If the shop does not offer to take you to wherever you need to go by way of a shuttle, you have to make phone calls, talk to your boss, etc. Why not just take the bike and go? Why not just ditch the car?

That's all easier said than done. We all have so much to do, so many places to be in one day and who wants to get there all sweaty? Well, Amsterdamers don't seem to have a problem with it, so you know what? that's my next destination - Amsterdam. I will go, see for myself, come back and tell you. So far every video you see on the web tells you how great it is to live in Europe for that one reason, but why don't we try to understand the infrastructure? Maybe that way one day when I have to go back to the hearings at the municipality, I can put it in her face to the woman that had the nerve to say two years ago that "we don't need more bicycles and who is going to pay for those stupid bike lanes?"

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