Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Women biking around the world... solo or not

Photo - Skalatitude.com
 My question was: do you want to travel around the world. Have you even ever thought about it? I Have... It is my dream, my passion, but I don't have the money yet. However, for those of you that have been thinking about it there is a compilation of resources that might give you some insight, so at first I wanted to give you a general list of people biking around the world, but as I did  my research I found something even more amazing, which is WOMEN biking solo around the world. That is a lot of courage...
Here it is:
Marija Kozin
NZ 2 UK by Bike
Jasmin Meier
Sabine Studer
Hanna Jacobson
Katie Tibbets

This leads me to another idea and since I have found a whole new flow of information regarding the most adventurer kind of women; I decided to branch my blog into two pages. The second one dedicated to Women Biking. Coming soon...

Thanks to Skalatitude.com

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