Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Contrasting Technologies

 In recent months I had the fortune to visit the US Coast Guard installations in Elizabeth City, SC and discovered among all the hundreds and hundreds of helicopter fuselages and parts, that bikes are being used as a 0 emissions rapid commute tool between hangars. 
In our June 23, 2011 posting titled Bikes in the Airfield, we showed some tricycles in Elmendorf, Alaska next to an Alaska Air National Guard's HH060 Pave hawk.  What a contrast...
The only other simpler way of transporting yourself, stuff and others besides the bicycle is to walk. Yet as humble and as simple as the bicycle is, it has proven to be of use next to the most advanced of technologies such as aviation.
In any case, if you ever wonder, is there a place where bicycles just don't fit? Tell me and I will try to prove you wrong :)

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